Rest and Renewal

By Skip McDonald, R.N. BSN, ThB

Think about a time in your nursing career when your work just seemed overwhelming, too much to bear.  How do you think you would have responded to Jesus’ invitation to come and rest a while with him?

In Matthew 11:25-30, Jesus was teaching and preaching in the towns of Galilee.  In the midst of his teaching, he praises the Father for His choice of those would receive his message.  He then describes his intimate relationship with his Father, as if to say, let me tell you why I can offer these words of mine.  Come…

Hearing the Word

  1. Read Matthew 11:25-30.  What invitations does Jesus give in this passage?
  2. How does Jesus describe the ones he is inviting?
  3. What promises does He give in his invitations?
  4. How would you describe a yoke, and how does it relate to your relationship with Jesus?
  5. How does Jesus’ description of himself comfort and soothe your soul?

Jesus knows that when our soul is at rest, we are at rest mentally, emotionally, spiritually,  and probably even physically.  Take a moment and respond to the word.

Responding to the Word


What changes are needed in your life to make time for self-reflection?

Consider your response when others reach out to help you.  How is your practice of receiving from others?


Feeling God’s love for us helps to keep our emotions stable.  It’s not enough to just know that he loves us, but to experience his love on a felt level.

In what ways do you experience God’s love on a felt level unashamedly?  What hindrances do you face?  What can you do about these hindrances?


God’s word is the anchor for our souls.  His word contains spiritual nutrients like non other.  

How would you describe your practice of spending time with God in his word?

Prayer-communication between you and God.  How comfortable are you with being gut honest with God?  How does it feel to express pain, fear, or anger with him or others?


I’m not sure how often we remember that we house God.  He lives inside of us through his Holy Spirit.  We are his temple.  Imagine that!

In what ways do you care for your temple that houses God?  What changes are needed for God’s temple to be healthier?

Develop a work/life balance of rest and renewal.  Determine what that looks like for you.  Heed Jesus’ invitation to come, to take, and to learn!

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Skip McDonald has been a Registered Nurse for 43 years and on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff for 27 years. She has a strong desire to help others obtain and maintain mental and emotional health. Skip enjoys reading, worship fitness and writing. She resides in Smyrna, GA.