Reflections on Missionary Nursing

The biblical concept of health, defined as shalom, is integral to the gospel message and healthcare missions. With years of experience as a nurse, educator and missionary, Grace Tazelaar shares her thoughts on missionary nursing in this collection of articles.

Nurses Christian Fellowship encourages nurses to demonstrate God’s love for the poor and underserved through nursing in the U.S. and around the world.

Intersections of Faith and Health

What does it mean to be a Christian nurse in today’s healthcare environment? How can we live out our faith through our nursing practice and give excellent, compassionate care to those whom God has entrusted to us? Download PDF.

The Importance of Best Practices

Are healthcare missions helping or hurting? Good intentions do not always mean good practice. Download PDF.

Health and the Gospel

God cares for our whole being, and it is vitally important for Christian nurses to integrate health and the life-giving gospel message. Download PDF.

Counting the Cost

Sometimes mission service is viewed as glamorous and adventurous, but mission service is costly. Jesus requires that we take up our cross and follow him. Download PDF.

Thoughts on Christian Nursing

Why is the highly regarded profession of nursing often overlooked or misunderstood, especially in healthcare missions? Download PDF.

Called to a Suffering World

The call to missions is counter-cultural. God calls us to advance his Kingdom and enter in to the suffering of the world. Download PDF.

The Temptation of Paternalism

For healthcare professionals who desire to advise, protect and help others, paternalism can be a dangerous temptation. Download PDF.

How I Discovered God Exists

My freshman year in nursing school was tumultuous—and I needed to know that my faith in God was justified. I wasn’t so sure. Download PDF.

Grace Then and Now

Veteran missionary nurse Grace Tazelaar reflects on important lessons she has learned over the years. Download PDF.