September 2018 Praise and Prayer

Dear NCF Ministry Partner,

God is working to reach nursing students! Our vision is to have a presence with nursing students on 200 campuses by 2020! We believe Jesus loves every nursing student and we want to do all we can to help establish witnessing communities in every nursing school. Here are two snapshots of how we have seen God working:

  • Amy and Emily met last year in nursing school. They wondered, Why don’t we have a space on campus to talk about how our faith intersects with nursing? When summer came, they brainstormed about starting a Bible study. They found NCF through an internet search and immediately e-mailed us to learn more. There is no campus ministry in their school, and NCF has never had a chapter there. But now, Amy and Emily have launched a new chapter and are excited to invite their classmates to encounter Jesus the Healer for themselves!
  • Paul is a campus missionary with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. When he saw NCF offering national coaching and grant money, he applied and was accepted into the grant program! Paul planted two new NCF chapters last year and is actively exploring more campus possibilities. He convinced a nursing school to host an informational NCF gathering, and 30 students showed up! Paul has raised up student leaders in these chapters, and will continue to equip them for ministry. He credits the NCF planting grant with giving him the skills and vision he needed to reach nursing students.

In 2017-18, NCF planting grants started ministry on 6 new campuses. This academic year, NCF is giving away 9 planting grants to InterVarsity campus missionaries to plant chapters in CA, FL, IL, MS, NJ, ND, and PA! Through these grants and by God’s grace, we want to see 9 new nursing schools reached with Jesus’ love by Spring 2019! Each grant costs $1,000. We are looking for sponsors to fund part or all of a planting grant to help the gospel go forward into more nursing schools.

As we start this school year, will you prayerfully consider giving towards NCF Student Ministries? Your gifts will directly sponsor new NCF work on campus.

Pray for open doors to reach more nursing students! Thank you for your support—we can’t wait to share with you what God does through NCF Student Ministry during this 2018-19 school year!

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
NCF National Director
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Christian Nursing

Timothy Lin, MA
NCF Student Ministries Director
Senior Area Director, InterVarsity