The Power of an Invitation: Mid-Semester Update & Survey

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  • The Power of an Invitation
  • Due December 1st - NCF Fall Semester Survey
  • Did You Know?: Joining NCF as a Member
  • Student TXT: A Resource for Your Group

The Power of an Invitation

When I was a freshman at UW-Stevens Point a senior invited me weekly to Bible study and to hang out with her. She invited me often, again and again, even when I said no. I knew she genuinely cared about me and wanted to be friends because she didn’t JUST invite me to Bible study, she invited me to ice cream and to her parents house for dinner. Because of her, I started attending the Bible study she was leading. The next year I led the study, and the following year I was a leader for our InterVarsity chapter. Here I am 22 years later...still involved in the ministry of InterVarsity. Her invitation changed my life. 

In John 1:35-42 we see Jesus inviting John and John’s disciples. He invites them to come and see. Like my friend’s invitation, Jesus’s invitation to John and his disciples changed their lives. They “came and saw” and gave up their professions and followed Jesus until the end of their lives. 

In the midst of a busy fall semester let us not forget that a simple (and sometimes persistent) invitation might be life changing to the people around us. Who can you invite to “come and see” Jesus at your NCF meeting or to eat a meal with you? 

Click here for a 15 minute Bible study you can lead your fellow students through in John 1:35-43.

Due December 1st - NCF Fall Semester Survey

Each fall and spring NCF gathers information about your NCF group to see what God is doing and help us plan for resources. Please fill out this 5 minute survey by December 1st. We will hold a drawing to give away 3 one-year professional or student memberships in NCF from every advisor or leader who submits before Dec. 1! Don’t miss out! If you have any questions email Jen.

Did You Know?: Joining NCF as a Member

Did you know you that everyone in your chapter can become a professional member of NCF? Imagine being able to easily access and discuss Journal of Christian Nursing content in your meetings, or attending NCF’s Journal Club! Student memberships can be purchased for your chapter by your university. Faculty can join too! Talk to your faculty advisor today and inquire if this is an option for your chapter. Click here to read about all the benefits of becoming an NCF member.

Student TXT: A Resource for Your Group 

Discover easy-to-use short stories, ideas, and devotionals in the regular Journal of Christian Nursing column Student TXT, written to encourage and support students. Use the one-page public access (i.e. free!) Student TXT in small group meetings or NCF gatherings on campus.

In Christ,

Student Ministries Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA