June 2018 Praise and Prayer

Dear NCF Partner,

It has been another wonderful and fruitful year of ministry through Nurses Christian Fellowship! Your prayers and financial support have helped bring Jesus into nursing—thank you for making an eternal difference in the lives of nursing students and nurses. Here are some highlights from 2017-18:


By God’s grace, NCF resourced nursing student groups on 108 different campuses in the fall and spring semesters (up 8% from last year!). This includes 13 new chapters—eight started through chapter planting grants and coaching to non-nurse InterVarsity staff. We reached over 1500 nursing students and witnessed 39 students make significant decisions to follow Jesus! 300 student leaders and nurse faculty advisors led NCF groups on campus, like this group that emerged at Radford University in Virginia:

When InterVarsity staff Jen Jordan pitched the vision of starting NCF, one nursing student eagerly responded and invited a fellow student to begin a chapter with her. The group grew and met weekly. One Monday evening, a faculty member stopped by the NCF gathering and said, “I heard there was a prayer group starting. Is this it?” “Yes, come join us!” the students exclaimed. The professor said, “I can’t tonight, but I’d love to come next week and bring another professor, if that’s ok?”

Praise God for students who are boldly bringing Christ into their nursing school through NCF!


God also cultivated fresh ministry to nurses. NCF supported hundreds of nurses meeting for Bible study and prayer in 27 local NCF groups. We continue to receive queries weekly to start NCF in more cities. A staff nurse in Idaho just wrote on our Facebook page:

Months ago, I felt a nudge from God to start a Bible study at work. Then I applied for a nurse manager position but did not get the promotion. I was crushed. In my sadness, a fellow Christian asked if I was ready to start the Bible study—the final nudge I needed. We now meet weekly for 45 minutes before work using NCF Bible studies on relevant topics. Participants include nurses, registration staff, nurse practitioners, clinic managers, and pharmacists. We even have a call-in option. Attendees say, “This is the best part of my week” and “I love starting my day this way.” One nurse started going to church and taking her children. Thank you, NCF, for helping my faith grow and for enabling me to reach and teach others.

JCN Praise God for nurses who are leading NCF nurse fellowship groups!


2018 marks the 35th year of the Journal of Christian Nursing publishing a biblical perspective on nursing. For the fifth year, JCN received awards of excellence from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors. God brought new Contributing Editors as we continue to reach nurses all over the world.


The book of Acts tells the amazing 30-year story of the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome. Paul had a big vision to take the gospel to the known world, even after he was under house arrest. “Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 28:31).

Like Paul, we have a big vision for God’s kingdom to spread to the nation’s 2000 nursing schools, 4 million RNs, and 1 million LPNs. We want to see ministry in at least 200 nursing schools by 2020, and offer nurse Bible studies in over 50 cities. Imagine nurses, students, educators, and nursing schools changed by the power of the gospel! Imagine healthcare infused with the good news of Jesus Christ!

You are a part of enacting this vision!

Pray for NCF to continue spreading the gospel in nursing and healthcare. Will you pray that the Lord will open doors for new NCF chapters among nurses and nursing students in 2018-19?

Give to NCF to close our $38,000 deficit for the fiscal year ending June 30th. Your gifts go directly to support our NCF staff and ministry expenses so we can continue bringing Christ into nursing.

I can’t thank you enough for making NCF ministry possible, and I can’t wait to report on what God does in 2018-19!

For Christ and nursing,

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
National Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Christian Nursing

Pray with NCF

  • Praise God for 39 students who committed their lives to Jesus this year and pray for their spiritual growth.
  • Pray that the 1400 members of the NCF professional organization will find joy and purpose in serving Christ through their nursing practice.
  • Ask God to provide wisdom for hiring a Senior Editor for the Journal of Christian Nursing as we encourage nurses in their faith and practice.
  • Pray for new local NCF nurse groups to start this year. Ask God to give his vision to the new leaders.