December 2018 Praise and Prayer

Dear NCF Partner,

Christmas is a special time of year. We are once again taken aback by the way the Son of God came to us. He was born to poor parents in a dirty stable, completely helpless and dependent on others for His care.

As nurses who reflect His love, we care for individuals who are dependent upon us. We are with people as they enter the world and as they leave. We are there for acute and chronic health needs. We provide listening ears in crisis. We educate our patients and the next generation of nurses. We research and contribute to building evidence-based standards of care. We give hope, comfort, and presence.

This is the work of NCF – to provide hope, bring comfort, and the light and presence of Jesus Christ -- to students, nurses, and those nurses care for each day. It is the work of NCF members, faculty advisors, student leaders, and professional nurse group leaders.

NCF Student Ministry is working to establish 200 student chapters by 2020! This fall, we have fielded inquiries from over 25 campuses, and are praying that God will start NCF at these schools!

  • At Rutgers University – New Brunswick (NJ), a nursing student started a weekly Bible study with a few friends. They were discouraged no one else was coming, but noticed that every time they met in the nursing building, someone would ask, what are you all doing? When they shared they were studying the Bible, the visitors— Christian or not—all expressed they would like to join them sometime! God is growing NCF!
  • PA studentsAt the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, Carley, an IVCF campus staff, received an NCF planting grant this fall. She has been recruiting and coaching nursing students as they launched a Bible study. One student wrote: We believe [this] is the beginning of a huge God movement in our college with the end goal being to add Jesus back into health care starting with new grads. A whole new generation of Jesus freaks in the health care field, imagine that! Praise God for raising up “Jesus freaks” to transform nursing!

NCF Professional Ministry - Nurses are looking for connection and support. We are thinking “outside the box” for ways to make connections for nurses. New Bible studies are being developed. We’re receiving queries to start groups and we’re building stronger relationships and collaboration with existing NCF professional nurse group leaders.

PrayAn example of deepening connections is occurring with our Twin Cities NCF group. Nurses are working with new grads to develop a mentorship program. Our prayer is for this pilot program to grow and be a model for support and encouragement in other regions.

We need your help to keep NCF ministry initiatives going to the 4 million nurses and 2,000 nursing programs in the U.S. Can you support NCF with a special gift before December 31st? Currently, we need an additional $40,000 in financial gifts to finish 2018 well. Your gift helps create growth, connection, and relationship.

Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement, and investing in the lives of nursing students and nurses. May you experience anew His love and care this Christmas!

For Christ and Nursing,


Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
NCF National Director, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Christian Nursing


Christy Secor, DNP, RN, CDWF
NCF Professional Ministries Director


Timothy Lin, MA
NCF Student Ministries Director, Senior Area Director, InterVarsity