December 2017 Praise and Prayer

Dear NCF Partner,

When patients need care for their bodies and hope for their spirits, we follow in Jesus’ footsteps by practicing the ministry of presence with them.

But there aren’t enough Christian nurses who offer Jesus’ compassionate caring to those in need. Our mission is to equip and encourage more nurses to serve Jesus so that His loving presence is available to those we care for.

We start by giving nursing students basic discipleship tools to follow Jesus in nursing. One NCF graduate, Abigail, reflects on how her NCF student chapter had a huge effect on her spiritual development. Today, as a new nurse, she appreciates being a member of the NCF professional organization:

I loved being a part of NCF when I was a student. NCF leaders showed us
how God can use us to bring His presence to the bedside to comfort and
support patients in their difficulties. Now, I’m glad to be a part of NCF
professionally as a staff nurse. I know I am not the only one who wants
to live for Jesus in nursing.

We praise God that NCF student ministry grew 17% last year, reaching students like Abigail! As we look ahead to 2018, God is giving new opportunities to expand NCF ministry:

  • Our goal for NCF student ministry is to double our presence in nursing schools by expanding to 200 chapters by 2020. We are working with InterVarsity staff to plant 12 new chapters this fall. Also, we have seen the Holy Spirit prompting and facilitating new chapters in ways that go beyond our efforts. This fall, 8 new NCF groups started meeting for Bible study!
  • NCF Members began meeting in monthly online Video Chats to encourage each other and apply Scripture to nursing issues. Coming soon: A new online registration system will make it easier for members to join, renew, personalize their account, and benefit from more member resources.
  • Journal of Christian Nursing has expanded its editorial team and continues influencing nursing worldwide. In 2018, quarterly online Journal Clubs will offer continuing education for NCF members.
  • Nurses, educators, and students will gather July 19-22, 2018 in Azusa, CA for an international NCF conference, Infusing Hope in Nursing: A Christian Perspective. Join us! Find more information at

Will you partner with what God is doing in nursing through these new initiatives with a financial donation before December 31st? We need an additional $28,000 in financial gifts to finish 2017 well. Your gift enables us to invest in more students like Abigail, each of whom will become nurses who love God and serve with competent, Christ-like care.

Thank you for bringing the good news of Jesus to nurses, students, educators, and healthcare. May you abide in the presence of Christ this Christmas season!

For Christ and Nursing,

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
National Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Christian Nursing

Pray with NCF:
• for more nursing students and nurses to find life in Jesus.
• for nurses and students to register for the NCFI CANA conference in July 2018.
• for NCF members to know the presence of Christ as they serve Him in nursing.
• for funds to meet our year-end expenses.

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