December 2016

This has been a year of change for NCF. We praise God for a growing ministry to nursing students who are responding to the gospel of Jesus! 

STUDENT MINISTRY: One Simple Question

When we share the grace and truth of Jesus, students respond. At a recent NCF meeting, I ended my gospel presentation of “The Big Story” with this simple question, “Which of these four circles do you find yourself in?” It ignited a wave of spiritual curiosity in the room! One student tearfully poured out her heart to the faculty advisor and declared that she wanted to turn her life around. Another first-time attendee openly shared how he had walked away from his faith. A group of nominal Christian students decided they wanted to start a Bible study together and make Jesus more central to their lives. All this from a simple question—amazing!

NCF exists so that these students have a chance to hear Jesus’ invitation to be their Healer. Will you pray with us that many nursing students will accept his invitation this year?  --by Timothy Lin, MA, NCF Student Ministries Director

NURSE MINISTRY: Why Nurse Groups?

After graduation, NCF encourages nurses to gather in a community for Bible study, sharing, prayer, and following Jesus in life and nursing. Recently, 10 staff nurses, educators, nurse practitioners, and retired volunteers gathered for a monthly NCF meeting in the Midwest. They enjoyed a meal, talked about work, and shared favorite Scripture promises.

Then one nurse said, “Can I ask the group a question?” The nurse had a difficult work situation work with someone with many needs. She sought wisdom on how to direct this person. The group offered insight and suggested local resources. They prayed for her and for each other. When they left, the nurse had a plan for offering support and sharing Jesus. NCF Nurse groups make a difference!

THE BIG PICTURE: A Year of Change, A Bright Future

Kathy and Tim2016 has been a year of change for NCF with a new National Director (me!) and a new Student Ministries Director (Tim). We are building ministry to nursing students by initiating new networking strategies and video conference training with nurse educators, student leaders and InterVarsity campus staff. We added benefits to professional membership. Our growing and dedicated staff team faithfully serves the mission to bring the Good News of Jesus to nursing.

God has laid a foundation in 2016 to grow NCF ministry in 2017. As we add staff and launch new initiatives, our budget is increasing—we need to raise an additional $154,000.

Will you help us finish 2016 strong and start 2017 primed for ministry with your special gift of $25, $50, or $100 to NCF before December 31st? If you’re not a regular ministry partner, will you become one? Most importantly, will you pray with us for God’s transforming work through NCF?

Thank you for joining us in bringing the Gospel to nurses, students and educators, and the nursing profession. Merry Christmas!


Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
NCF National Director and JCN Editor-in-Chief

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