2018-19 Issue #7

Campus Vitals

Devotional: Conversations with our Gracious God
Graduating Students: Graduation Gifts for Seniors
Leaders Corner: Survey Response Needed; Honoring Seniors
Faculty Corner: Evaluating the Year



Prayer: Conversations with our Gracious God

Whether still in nursing school or soon to graduate and start practicing nursing, get in the habit of having conversations with God.


gradAre you graduating this spring? We’re offering several graduation gifts as you transition from student to practicing nurse. In addition, we’ll connect you with local nurse groups for ongoing fellowship and spiritual growth, and share how NCF can resource and encourage you as you strive to be a light for Christ in healthcare.

Sign up for your gifts here! You will receive a sample copy of Journal of Christian Nursing, a pocket Spiritual Care Guide, and a special discount code to join our professional membership organization.



Survey Response Needed

It’s time to report on your NCF group by completing the 2018-19 Spring Chapter Check-in. It is critical that we hear from you before April 10. If no one from your chapter has already done so, please take 5 minutes to respond by choosing the response that applies to your group:

YES, we met during this school year.
NO, we did not meet this school year. (This survey gives the opportunity to respond with future intentions.)

Blessing of Hands

Honoring Seniors

Are you looking for ways to honor the graduates in your chapter? Be sure to forward the above message about NCF graduation gifts for seniors. Then check out these time-tested ideas, including the Christian Nurses Oath, honor cords, and Blessing of the Hands.


faculty corner

Evaluating the Year

Just as the nursing process ends with “Evaluation”, so we should finish a year of NCF ministry in the same way. With the press of end-of-semester assignments and exams, many chapters may be tempted to skip this step. You can guide and encourage the leadership team to make time for an Evaluation process to capture their learning and assist in the transition to the chapter’s next leadership team.

As you gather the core students together, use these questions as a guide for the discussion:

How did you see God at work through NCF this year?
How did you personally grow through your involvement and leadership in NCF?
If you could do it over again, what 1-2 things would you have changed about NCF this year?
What do you need to pass on to the new leadership team for them to succeed?
In addition, if your chapter hasn’t filled out the annual report survey yet, please have them do that when they are together (see the Leadership Corner above for more info).


Join the National NCF Community

Nursing faculty and students receive significant discounts when they join the NCF professional network. We’re all about integrating faith and practice for nurses who desire to love God and serve others in healthcare.  So if you’re not a member, now is a great time to join NCF and start receiving the award-winning Journal of Christian Nursing.