2013-2014 Issue #3

Campus Vitals


Curious GeorgeNEW Fall Chapter Check-Up

What does your chapter look like this semester? We want to know! We're so curious that we've created a Survey Monkey just for you. 

Please complete this short questionnaire to give us a glimpse of your chapter. We want to pray for you and equip you for your ministry. It's very important that we hear from you!


Chart Your Chapter

Chart Your ChapterWe encourage you to keep track of how many people are coming to your NCF activities, using a Chart Your Chapter form. Designate one person to be responsible for recording this information. The chart can be modified to include other data you may want to collect.

Recording basic data now will help you complete the NCF Annual Survey next spring. This information on each group helps us serve all of our NCF chapters more effectively. More importantly, your record of each meeting is an important way for you to collect data on your group and track changes from year to year. As you pray for your friends and invite them into your NCF ministry on campus, trust God for growth in your group and for your witness to Jesus in your school of nursing.



 Need some Stress Relief? Lighten Things Up

  Here are some ways to reach out to others in meaningful ways as you come into mid-semester:

Exam Cram: Host a study session and have everyone bring a snack to share. Reserve a room for those who want to study together. Tell a funny nursing story to break up the study time. Give a short prayer for God’s peace and clear thinking when taking exams. Here is A Prayer Before Study by St. Thomas Aquinas.

PotluckPre-Thanksgiving or Christmas Potluck: Share a meal or desserts together. Challenge everyone in your NCF chapter to bring one friend who has not come to NCF in the past. Pray that God will lead you to invite those who may not be walking with Jesus, but are open to taking a step towards following Him. Have a short devotional related to the true meaning of the holiday. Think of open-ended questions, such as inviting everyone to talk about a special family tradition.

Think GloballyHow can your chapter can have an impact
beyond your campus?

See what one InterVarsity chapter is doing to think globally.  Use the steps shared in this article to apply to ideas that will fit your chapter.



DiversityMinistering through diversity

College campuses and NCF chapters are diverse. InterVarsity offers a Small Group Leader Diversity Guide which has very helpful information on understanding and ministering to people of different cultures and backgrounds. It also addresses the challenges commuter students face.

"Better" Bible Study Videos

Discovery Video SeriesLearn how to do Inductive Bible Study through The Discovery Series using this humorous 3-part video series which introduces the basics: Observation, Interpretation and Application. These important Bible study skills will travel with you through the rest of your life, and these fun videos will get you started on the journey. 



Price of LifeRx Rescue 

The recent Price of Life events that addressed how those in healthcare professions can respond to human trafficking were insightful and useful for all who attended. Find out what happened through the update on the NCF blog.


UNCG - Beach Retreat

Beach RetreatNCF at UNCG partnered with two other Intervarsity chapters in Greensboro for this retreat in Garden City Beach, SC. During the weekend, they talked about an identity in Christ as His followers. The first night, they all shared the masks or “false identities” that we hide behind -how we all “fake it” from time to time.

NCF staff, Miriam Robinson, shares, "Through the course of the weekend, we pointed the students to Christ. It is through Christ’s death and resurrection that we have a new identity in Christ. We don’t have to 'fake it' or pretend to be someone were not so that others will approve of us.  We are already loved by God, chosen by him, and declared holy, blameless, His sons and daughters."