International Online Access FAQs

Below are common questions and answers about the online-only subscription for internationals. If you cannot find your question and answer, send your question to NCF, and the staff will help you. Please let NCF know if you are experiencing ANY difficulty in viewing JCN online.


Q: What do I receive for the $37.00 USD JCN International Online-Only Access subscription purchase?

This subscription gives you online (internet-based) access to all JCN articles, including a complete archive dating back to 1984. You can read any one article at a time online, and you can download and print one copy of any JCN article.

Your subscription is for one year, starting on the date you make your payment. NCF will send you one email to remind you that your subscription will expire. This email will:

  • be sent one month before your subscription is due to expire
  • include the date that your JCN online access will end
  • include information about how to pay and renew your subscription for another year


Q: How can I get a print copy of JCN?

To receive a print copy of JCN in your postal mail you will need to purchase an international subscription for $143.00 USD from the JCN publisher, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (the direct link to subscribe is: This print-copy subscription also includes online access to the complete archive of articles.

Q: How does JCN work on a smart phone?

You can use the smart phone app to log-in, using the same user name and password you have made for your International Online-Only Access subscription at, to view one article at a time, just like you can do on your laptop/desktop computer. With this app, you can also put as many journals as you want on your “list” and quickly access each journal’s table of contents. Then you can view any article one-at-a time, and you don’t have to “search” and then go to the websites.