InterVarsity Press Bible Studies

Whether you're a nurse group leader, nursing student, or simply want to read the Word in community, the resources you use matter to the success of your Bible Study group. InterVarsity Press has been a leading publisher of group Bible studies and ministry resources for decades. With programs for every group size and interest, they also include one-session discussion guides in many of their general books. Check the Discussion Guides page for a complete list, browse all of InterVarsity Press' Bible Studies & Group Resources, and see below for some Bible studies we recommend:

Busyness: Finding God in the Whirlwind - Much of our busyness is necessary to our survival or to the wellbeing of others and ourselves. In the whirlwind of our lives, however, it may seem impossible to focus beyond the noise of daily demands. We long for a greater awareness of God with us. This eight-session LifeGuide® Bible Study explores ways of conversing with God in the midst of things, so we can see our day's work as the joyful service of kneeling before Jesus.

Decisions: Seeking God's Guidance - The Bible won't give you a direct answer to each choice—or dilemma—you face. But the Bible will teach you how to make decisions wisely, confidently and in harmony with God's will. This nine-session LifeGuide® Bible Study will introduce you to the Bible's lessons on decisionmaking—and show you how to apply what you learn to your own decisions, big and small.

Soul Care Resources - A series of guides that offers assessments to discern the current health of your soul, reflections on why your soul's health matters so much, and practical ways to restore life and vitality to your soul through authentic connection with God as Father, Son and Spirit--one step at a time