First Steps to Spiritual Conversations

Have you ever wondered, “How do I share my faith with my classmates?” This, however, may not be the right question to ask initially.

Remember, in the nursing process assessment comes before intervention. So perhaps a better question to ask first is an assessment question: “How do I uncover where my classmates are in their spiritual journey?”

Knowing how to perform an informal “spiritual assessment” with your classmates can give you the information you need to walk with them in their spiritual journey.

Begin by asking permission to inquire about their spiritual journey: Can I ask you a few questions about your spiritual journey? Or, I’m asking my friends about their spiritual journey. Is it okay if I ask a couple of questions? By seeking permission, we put our friends at ease because they know what is coming in the conversation. And we give them an “out” if they are not currently interested in this conversation.

After your friend has given permission, then it’s time to ask the questions! As with nursing assessments, spiritual assessments are built around good questions.

Ask Good Questions

Here are a few sample questions to consider:

  • What is your spiritual background? (This is a great opening question; you may be surprised at what you learn!)
  • What are a few significant spiritual moments (or milestones) in your life? (This question may give you valuable information about their spiritual journey.)
  • How would you describe where you are spiritually right now?
  • What are some of your most pressing spiritual questions?

As they respond, listen for what God has been doing in their lives. Prayerfully, make an initial “diagnosis.” Where are they in relation to Jesus? Are they far or near him? Are they moving towards or away from Jesus? What is their level of curiosity and desire to find answers to their spiritual questions?

Your “diagnosis” will give you hints on how to answer the question raised earlier: “How do I share my faith with my classmate?” Specifically, you will be able to discern what is the best invitation to extend to them. For example, someone who is far from Jesus and moving away will probably not be interested in an invitation to an NCF Bible study. But they may be willing to participate in an NCF service project and open to hearing how Jesus calls us into a life of servanthood. Someone who is near Jesus and moving towards him may be close to the Kingdom; you can share the gospel with them and invite them to follow Jesus!

When we assess where our friends are in relation to Jesus, we will know how we can best walk alongside them in their spiritual journey. And there is no better gift we can give our classmates than to be a spiritual friend and companion, pointing them towards the living hope of Jesus Christ!

NCF Evangelism Tools

If you struggle with communicating the gospel of Jesus to others, here are tools, resources and simple gospel illustrations to help you understand God's good news and explain it to others. Learn to invite others in nursing to follow Jesus as Healer and get involved in his healing mission in the world.