Setting People Free

Following Christ in NursingLuke 13:10-17

Think of a time you saw a patient healed and discovered that not everyone was happy about it. What was most surprising about the situation?

Hearing the Word

In this Bible story, Jesus encounters pushback when he heals a woman with a deformity.

1. Read Luke 13:10-17. Describe what happened as if you were an observer in the room.

2. Do an assessment on the crippled woman. What are some of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs she may have had? How might she have responded when Jesus noticed her, called her over, spoke to her and touched her?

3. Describe some ways people today can be “bent over” emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically.

4. Describe the attitudes and behaviors of the synagogue rulers and other opponents of Jesus. What may have been some of their beliefs and values? In what ways were their perspectives “crippling?”

What are examples of traditions and policies that block care for people in healthcare, in our communities, or in our churches?

5. List all the qualities you see in Jesus as you observe what he did and said. What values underlie Jesus’ statements in vs. 15-16? How is his perspective in contrast with the religious leaders?

Based on what you have seen, how can Jesus care for people today who are “bent over” by personal needs and other burdens they are carrying? What are ways Jesus sets people free?

6. Reflect on how Jesus is able to touch our lives today. What may be causing you to feel “bent over” or bound? What are ways Jesus notices, calls, speaks and touches you? How will you respond?

7. Think about Jesus’ values and actions evident in the passage. What difference can it make to know that Jesus Christ can bring healing, advocacy, justice and freedom to people today?

How does Jesus can bring his presence to situations where people are not valued or where “traditions” block care for people with needs? How can you advocate for them?

Responding to the Word

Listen to the Holy Spirit guiding you in discovering how Jesus is speaking to you through this passage. What are you learning from Jesus, and how will you respond? 

Write down some actions you will take and share with a friend who can pray for you and help you to be accountable to what you are hearing from the Lord.

Reflect on what the Lord has already done in your life to heal, encourage, and set you free. Share this with a friend and praise God for his love for you.

Setting People Free (download PDF)