Living with a Full Schedule

Following Christ in NursingMark 1:35-2:17

What does a really busy day look like for you? What helps you cope when there are too many demands on your time? In this story, we see how Jesus demonstrates tireless compassion for people with a variety of serious needs.

Hearing the Word

1. Read Mark 1:35-2:17. What were some of the demands placed on Jesus in his work among people? Describe some of the decisions he faced.

What is the significance of Jesus spending time in prayer (verse 35)? What happens in our lives when we do—or do not—take time for solitude and prayer?

2. Discuss Jesus’s attitude and behavior as he related to the man with leprosy (vs. 40-45). What is significant about how Jesus responded to the man? What are ways in which people, including us, may feel like lepers today?

3. Identify the various needs of the paralyzed man (vs. 2:1-12). How did Jesus give the man physical, emotional, and spiritual healing?

How would you describe the friends of this man? What characteristic caught the attention of Jesus?

Like the four friends in the story, how can we bring other people to Jesus, including colleagues and patients in nursing and healthcare?

4. What do you observe about Jesus in vs. 2:13-17? Give some examples of “tax collectors and sinners” and “Pharisees” in our communities today. How can we follow the example of Jesus in our relationships with them?

Responding to the Word

How will Jesus’ example help you to assess and meet the needs of patients?

Which people do you identify with most in this story:  the leper, paralytic, friends, sinners, or Pharisees? How have you experienced similar needs? Ask Jesus to heal your physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

What physical, emotional or spiritual needs would you like Jesus to heal in others? Pray for them and “bring them to Jesus,” like the four friends of the paralyzed man. Listen to the Lord’s prompting about how he may want you to be involved and list specific actions you can take.

Pray with a friend about how you can respond to God and his Word.

Living with a Full Schedule (download PDF)