Becoming Part of Christ’s Team

Following Christ in NursingLuke 5:1-11

Simon Peter discovered first-hand that there was an occupational risk to being around Jesus. What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus as a nurse? How do we allow him to direct our nursing practice?

Hearing the Word

1. Read Luke 5:1-11. Describe the people, setting and events in this story.

2. Trace the progressive involvement of Simon Peter with Jesus. How much commitment was required for Peter to get into the boat and then put down the fishing nets? What may have been some of Peter’s thoughts and feelings?

3. Describe the catch of fish. What different ways does Luke use to record its significance? What effect does the miracle have on Peter? Describe his response in verse 8. 

Note how Peter addresses Jesus in verse 5 and verse 8. What is the difference between “Master” and “Lord?”

4. How did Peter’s relationship with Jesus change in this story? Why did he leave everything to follow Jesus? What effect would Peter’s action have on his life?

5. Identify what you have learned in these verses about Jesus Christ and how he relates to people. How does Jesus respond to the needs Peter expresses in verse 8?

6. Nursing for us is similar to fishing for Peter. How can you “get into the boat” and allow Jesus to affect your daily work as a nurse? What does “fishing for people” look like in your life?

7. Think about people you know who are on a journey toward discovering who Jesus is. How can you encourage them, like Jesus did with Peter?

Responding to the Word

Talk with the Lord about the things he has shown you during the Bible study and write down what God is saying to you. What actions will you take? Pray for one another in your group about specific applications.

Becoming Part of Christ’s Team (download PDF)