Biblical Insights for Nursing Education & Practice

Today’s nurses are engaged in many roles. They are caregivers, teachers, advocates, clinicians, leaders, managers, and researchers in their professional lives. Outside of the workplace, they are also spouses, children, parents, and grandparents. They may be involved in activities in churches and communities, volunteering for meaningful events and sharing knowledge within professional organizations. 

For those nurses with a faith base, carving out time to be still, meditate on the sacred, and center oneself during a busy day is difficult to do. The need for a practical devotional for busy nurses to focus their eyes on God’s Word is evident.

Biblical Insights for Nursing Education and Practice, the authors, all seasoned and well-qualified educators at Indiana Wesleyan University, provide a refreshing devotional-type book that could be used in a variety of ways—for class or faculty devotions, as a supplementary text for faith-based programs, as a resource for care facilities, or for one’s own personal reflection and meditation.

Biblical Insights for Nursing Education and Practice contains 267 short essays divided into several sections. With five readings per week grouped under 20 different nursing-related concepts, nurses will find relatable personal stories and many practical clinical and teaching tips threaded throughout. Each devotional is only about a page long and starts with a scripture verse. Various versions and translations of the scripture are used. The title and concept appear after the opening Bible verse and then a short reflective essay is ended with a brief prayer. Concepts such as excellence, team, stewardship, confidence, and conflict are carefully related through the essays to nurses in education and practice. These essays provide meaningful and directed tidbits for meditation and include appropriate references as needed, cuing the nurse reader to consider thoughtfully the particular concept for that day. A unique feature is space for the reader to write reflective journaling notes, a must for any serious student of the Bible. 

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