Devotionals on God’s Attributes I

This series of devotional reading by Jane Hall, NCF Director, was inspired by the writings of A. W. Tozer in his book, The Attributes of God, Volume 1.

Depending on God

Depending on GodA right concept of God is essential if we are to develop trust and faith in him and have real purpose in living.

Our Infinite God

Our Infinite GodConsider how limitless God is and how this attribute influences your journey with him. The possibilities are endless!

The Immensity of God

The Immensity of GodThe mystery of the Incarnation deepens as we are challenged in Isaiah 40:12 to consider just how immense God is.

God is Good

God is GoodWe do not deserve God’s goodness or any of his gifts, but yet he is good to us simply because he chooses to be.


God is Just

God is JustIt is hard for us to grasp that God is both just and merciful.


God of Mercy

God of MercyAs nurses we are widely recognized as being vessels of mercy in our vocation. As Christian nurses, we recognize that our very ability to give mercy comes from our merciful God.

God is Grace

God is GraceIt is only when we look at our own sin that we can begin to fathom the immensity of God’s grace.

God’s Omnipresence

God's OmnipresenceSo, where is God?

God’s Immanence

God's ImmanenceLet’s not allow ourselves to get used to feeling distant from God. He is present within us.

God’s Holiness

God's HolinessIt is very important to realize just who we are dealing with when we approach God.


God’s Perfection

God's PerfectionGod, and only God, is truly perfect and worthy of our worship.


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