Bible Study Resources

Whether you're new to Bible study or a veteran, these tools can equip you to dig deeper into God's Word and discover more about God, yourself and how to live in today's world.

Inductive Bible Study Bookmark

The Inductive Bible Study Bookmark is a handy guide with tips on how to observe, interpret and apply God's Word. It's a great tool for anyone wondering how to lead a better Bible study. Download as a PDF.

Principles for Leading Bible Studies

Try these guidelines for effectively leading a small group and discovering God's Word. View or  download as a PDF.

How to Study the Bible

Try the Inductive Bible Study method by using observation, interpretation and application. Download as a PDF.

A Guide for Evaluating Group Bible Study

Questions that will help you assess your small group experience. Download as a PDF.


Launch is a resource for new Christians on campus. Gather a few friends and go online for any one of 10 self-guided Bible studies for small groups. Watch personal testimonies and use the online discussion guide to enter deeply into Scripture. Launch tackles 10 hard questions to deepen your relationship with Jesus.