NCF Faculty Advisors are Vital to Ministry

Jane Hall, former NCF Director, has a special video message for nurse educators and NCF faculty advisors.
Jane Hall videoIf you are a nurse educator, thank you for investing in the next generation of Christian nurses.

If you also serve as a faculty advisor for a student chapter of Nurses Christian Fellowship, thank you! You have a valuable role and an added responsibility. You guide the student leaders. You are the liaison to the nursing program. You provide continuity of care for the chapter to continue from year to year as students graduate.

I understand how significant a role you play in the lives of your students. I “found” NCF when I began teaching years ago. I joined a small NCF chapter of students and one faculty advisor who met twice a month over lunch to talk about our lives and faith, do a brief Bible study, and pray together for each other and our classmates, families, and school.

NCF has a rich history of student and nurse ministry. Since 1948 NCF has been a strategic, focused ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. InterVarsity is a non-denominational, multiethnic campus ministry that brings Jesus to the whole campus.

Currently the vast majority of our nearly 100 NCF chapters are led by faculty and students. NCF is a place where students and faculty can search for answers to their questions about life, death, and suffering that they witness first-hand in their clinical experiences.

Together they explore how God’s Word offers hope and peace to the suffering and to the caregiver. They reach out to classmates who might be stressed, searching, or struggling to succeed in nursing school and invite them to join in a journey of spiritual discovery.

We believe that God wants all nursing students and nurses to have the opportunity to follow Jesus with their whole lives. It is our prayer that God will provide on every campus a team of NCF staff, faculty and students who will engage their friends, classmates and teachers to consider God’s love and purposes for their lives.

If you have an NCF group at your school, there may be an InterVarsity staff member on your campus who is eager to reach nursing students and will assist you in growing the chapter. The InterVarsity staff can disciple students and provide opportunities for leadership development and spiritual growth. Contact NCF to find InterVarsity campus staff in your area.

If you do not have a chapter and you want to be a part of God’s work in your school, please contact NCF. We will pray with you, encourage you, and provide resources such as online Bible studies designed especially for nursing students, spiritual care materials, Journal of Christian Nursing, and much more.

Once again, thank you for your interest in ministering to nursing students and fellow nurse educators. We look forward to what God will do on your campus!