Called to Teach: a JCN Topical Collection

Nurse educators have a critical and challenging calling to raise up the next generation of nurses. Find insights and encouragement just for educators from the regular column "Called to Teach," published since 2006 in the Journal of Christian Nursing.

The Called to Teach Topical Collection includes these free articles:

  • Facing The Giant — Tenure! The tenure and promotion process can be fraught with anxiety. Read how this educator overcame her fears.
  • Master Teaching Strategies: Veteran educator Sandra Jamison, PhD, RN, reflects on her initial fear of communicating with patients as a student and how she developed methods for teaching effective communication principles to increase proficiency among her students.
  • Ministering to Struggling Students: Nurse educators often find themselves mentoring students faced with stressors and challenges that impact their study and educational experience. How can Christian faculty members respond?
  • Dare to Discipline: A nurse educator who loves teaching but hates disciplining students had some personal lessons to learn from God.
  • Handling Student Excuses: How excuses, consequences, and the perception of fairness can have a noticeable effect on the learning environment.
  • Modeling God's Grace: A student recalls how an instructor was a godly role model during a clinical rotation.
  • Can We Teach Integrity? Teaching integrity may be challenging, but it is not impossible. Consider these three suggestions.
  • Hats Off to Educators! Christian nurse educators have the opportunity to develop competent, compassionate, Christ-centered nurses.

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