A Chart of Healing Encounters

This chart identifies various accounts of healing in the New Testament for personal or group study. As we read how Jesus and his disciples interacted with very sick people, we see that Jesus' ministry goals involved physical healing, spiritual restoration, social restoration. As nurses, these stories give us a healthy model for providing holistic care for our patients. 

The complete table was first published by Judy Shelly in "The Mystery of Healing," Journal of Christian Nursing, Summer 2005, vol. 22:3, pp 8-13.

Healing Encounters in the Gospels and Acts*

  Encounter Assessed Problems/Needs Intervention Outcomes Role of Faith

Leper— Mt 8:2-3; Mk 1:40-41; Lk 5:12-13

To "be made clean" Jesus touched him, said, "Be made clean!" Sent to priest and directed to offer prescribed gift. Leprosy cleansed; man restored to community, told others about Jesus (against Jesus' orders)

Believed Jesus could heal, but no cause/effect noted by Jesus


Centurion's servant— Mt 8:5-13; Lk 7:1-10

Paralysis and terrible distress; close to death Jesus spoke (from distance) Physical healing Faith of centurion affirmed

Peter's mother-in- law— Mt 8:14-15; Mk 1:30-31; Lk 4:38-39

High fever Jesus touched (took) her hand and lifted her up Fever gone. Able to function in her social role Not mentioned
4. Demoniac(s)— Mt 8:28-32; Mk 5:1-13; Lk 8:26-33 Danger to society, bizarre behavior, selfmutilation, demon possession Jesus confronted demons and cast them into a herd of swine Clothed, in his right mind, desire to follow Jesus. Man, herders became evangelists. Jesus asked to leave, fear
Hostile to Jesus
5. Paralytic— Mt 9:2-7; Mk 2:3-12; Lk 5:18-25
Forgiveness Physical healing Jesus forgave sins, then healed the paralysis Got up, carried mat, walked home, glorified God Faith of friends
6. Jairus's 12- year-old daughter— Mt 9:18-26; Mk 5:22-42; Lk 8:43-48 Resuscitation (patient appeared dead or close to death), healing Jesus took parents, Peter, James, John into girl's room; took her by hand, told her to get up. Told father not to fear, Believe! Patient got up out of bed, walked around and was able to eat Her spirit returned to her Skeptical crowd amazed Jairus declared faith in Jesus to heal. Jesus said not to fear, but believe
7. Woman with hemorrhage— Mt 9:20-22; Mk 5:25-29; Lk 8:43-48 Chronic vaginal bleeding (12 years), unsuccessful medical treatment, financially exhausted Touched Jesus' clothing (selfcare). Jesus insisted that she identify herself Bleeding stopped immediately; felt in her body she was healed. Shalom (Go in peace) "Your faith has made you well."
8. Two blind men— Mt 9:27-31 Cure for blindness Mercy Jesus inquired about their faith, touched their eyes, said they would be healed according to their faith Eyes opened Spread the news about Jesus throughout that district "According to your faith, be it done to you."
9. Mute demoniac— Mt 9:32-33 Demon possession Jesus cast out demon Patient spoke. Crowd amazed Pharisees skeptical Not indicated
10. Blind, mute demoniac — Mt 12:22; Lk 11:14 Demon possession Jesus cured him Patient could speak and see. Crowd amazed; Pharisees skeptical Not indicated
11. Boy with epilepsy—Mt 17:14-18; Mk 9:17-27; Lk 9:37-42 Safety issues Demon possession Disciples unable to heal because of their lack of faith. Jesus cured him Demon came out, boy cured instantly Disciples' lack of faith prevented healing
12. Demoniac— Mk 1:23-26; Lk 4:33-35 Poor behavior, seizures, demon possession Jesus cast out demon Demons came out of patient Jesus' fame spread Hostile to Jesus
13. Deaf mute man— Mk 7:31-37 Deafness, speech impediment Jesus provided privacy, put his fingers in patient's ears, spat and touched tongue, said, "Be opened." Patient could hear and speak clearly; crowd spread the word about Jesus Not indicated
14. Blind man— Mk 8:22-26 Vision impairment Jesus provided privacy, healed in 2 stages (saliva to eyes and touching) Vision gradually restored, sent home Not indicated
15. Widow's son— Lk 7:11-15 Apparent death Jesus touched the bier and told patient to arise Patient sat up and began to speak; crowd fearful, praised God Jesus initiated encounter, took compassion
16. Infirm woman— Lk 13:11-13 Evil spirit-imposed disability of 18 years. Unable to stand Jesus called to her that she was healed, then laid his hands on her Patient immediately stood up straight and began praising God. Not indicated. Jesus initiated encounter
17. Man with dropsy— Lk 14:1-4 "Dropsy" (edema?) Jesus "took him and healed him" Apparent object lesson for Pharisees. Man healed Not indicated. Jesus initiated encounter
18. Ten lepers— Lk 17:11-19 All had leprosy and were forced to keep their distance from healthy people Asked Jesus for mercy Jesus cleansed all 10 of leprosy and told them to go show themselves to the priests (return to community) One patient returned to thank Jesus, commended for his faith and sent on his way All 10 cured. To the one who returned, Jesus said, "Your faith has made you well."
19. Severed ear— Lk 22:47-51 Right ear severed by sword Jesus touched the ear and healed it Physically healed Not indicated. Jesus initiated encounter
20. Official's son— Jn 4:46-54 Lay ill, near death Jesus said, "Go; your son will live." Son healed, father and entire household believed Father went to Jesus, desperate
21. Disabled man— Jn 5:1-9 Ill and disabled for 38 years, lying by pool at Bethesda. Apparent feelings of aloneness and helplessness Jesus asked if he wanted to get well, ignored man's excuses; told him to stand, take up mat, walk. Later, said not to sin anymore or worse things could happen Healed, up and walking, going to the temple and apparently reformed Skeptical
22. Blind man— Jn 9:1-7 Born blind, financially destitute (beggar) Jesus put mud made with his saliva on patient's eyes, told him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam Physically healed (able to see); believed, witnessed to family and others in community Jesus initiated encounter; no faith indicated
23. Lazarus— Jn 11:1-44 Ill, apparently dead Waited until patient dead 4 days, wept and went to tomb, asked the stone be removed, prayed, Lazarus come out. Unbind him. Lazarus came out, still wrapped in strips of cloth. Jesus told crowd this happened so they would believe Rather shaky faith, mixed with anger and resentment toward Jesus
24. Paralyzed man—Acts 3:1-10 Congenital deformities of feet, ankles; unable to walk, carried by friends so he could beg. Asked Peter and John for alms Peter looked at man, told him to look at them, stand up and walk in the name of Jesus. Took him by the hand and raised him up Feet, ankles made strong; jumped up, began walking, leaping and praising God. Crowd filled with wonder and amazement None indicated—only begging for money
25. Sick people/ Apostles— Acts 5:12-16 Assorted sick and demon-possessed people brought by friends and relatives People carried people out into the street so Peter's shadow would fall on them All cured. Apostles held in high esteem by people, but persecuted by Jewish authorities Seeking signs and wonders, but healings resulted in faith
26. Unclean spirits/ Philip— Acts 8:6-8 Large numbers of sick people-paralyzed, lame, demon possessed Philip proclaimed the Messiah to them and performed signs (healing) Many cured Great joy in the city Healings resulted in faith
27. Saul's blindness/ Ananias— Acts 9:17-19, 22:12-13 Saul struck blind during a vision of Jesus Saul prayed. Ananias instructed in a vision to go to Saul. Laid hands on Saul, said he'd been sent so Saul could be healed, receive Holy Spirit Scales fell off Saul's eyes, vision restored, he got up and was baptized. Ate and regained his strength Faith involved, but not so much faith that God would heal, as a conversion experience
28. Aeneas/ Peter—Acts 9:33-35 Bedridden for 8 years, paralyzed Peter told him, "Jesus Christ heals you; get up and make your bed." Immediately got up. All the residents of Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord Man of faith with longterm disability; Peter took initiative
29. Tabitha/Peter— Acts 9:36-41 Became ill, died. Grieving friends called for Peter Peter prayed at bedside, told patient to get up. After opening eyes, she sat up He took hand, helped up Peter showed her friends that she was alive Many believed in the Lord None indicated, except all grieving believers
30. Disabled man/Paul —Acts 14:8-10 Could not use feet, never walked, crippled from birth Paul looked at him intently, saw he had faith and loudly told him, "Stand upright on your feet." Man sprang up, began to walk. Crowd thought Paul/Barnabas were gods, tried to offer sacrifices. Paul preached, was persecuted Man "had faith to be made well."
31. Spirit of divination/ Paul—Acts 16:16-18 Slave girl with spirit of divination, earned money for owners by fortune telling Paul got annoyed and ordered the spirit to come out of her Spirit came out immediately; girl no longer useful to owner. Paul and Silas arrested More annoyance than faith?
32. Eutychus/ Paul—Acts 20:9-12 Overcome with sleep during Paul's long sermon, fell out the third floor window. Died. Paul bent over him, took him in his arms and said, "Do not be alarmed, for his life is in him." Boy taken away alive, friends and family comforted. Paul went back to preaching Believer, but given up for dead
33. Publius's father/Paul —Acts 28:8-9 Sick in bed with fever and dysentery Paul visited him and cured him by putting his hands on him Cured. Others sick on island came and cured. Paul honored, islanders took care of his needs No indication of faith, resulted in others seeking healing
*Note Jesus' ministry goals: physical healing, spiritual restoration, social restoration (Mt 9:12-13; Lk 4:18-19, 10:8-9; Jn 10:10)