Christian Nurse Blog

A seasoned nurse praises the light and joy a new nurse lavished on a loved one.

How can our spiritual disciplines improve difficult conversations?

Failures can be creative flourishing opportunities if we give God space to work with us.

Take hold of summer by reflecting, pondering, listening, playing, breathing fully.

Time is perpetually short, particularly when we need to meet with God and hear from him.

When caring for people means experiencing their suffering, we can sometimes wonder, who’s caring for me?

One of a nurse’s best means of caring is being present.

One of the founding nurses at the first holistic hospital-based hospice in the United States recalls the impact of Christian nursing care on individual patients.

How do we adequately recognize our colleagues and peers as nurses who press on?

Grow your caregiving nature: Engage your mind and heart with more faith in who God says you are.


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