A Vision to Care Holistically

Nurses Christian Fellowship changed my life, starting in nursing school. I’ve always been passionate about nursing, and through NCF, God showed me that nursing was a calling and a ministry. God calls us to come alongside our patients in their most vulnerable times and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. He wants us to not only meet their physical and emotional needs, but also their spiritual needs. Nurses have great opportunity to pray with and for their patients, and NCF encourages and equips us to do this. Nursing allows us the privilege to care for others in times of crisis and give them the hope that only Jesus can provide. 

Because NCF also encourages us to meet together with students and nurses alike, we seasoned nurses are able to disciple younger nurses, instilling the vision of NCF to care for their patients holistically and encourage them in a world with more challenges in nursing than ever before. We also need to mentor, pray for, and encourage younger nurses, reminding them of the vision for nursing that God has called them to. 

Our East Bay (California) NCF group has been meeting since 1989, and God has been faithful in sustaining our group. Meeting with NCF enables us to lift each other up in prayer and support as we interact and share how God is working in our lives, both personally and in our nursing practice. I’m forever grateful to God for bringing NCF into my life, as it continues to mold me and shape me into the Christian nurse that God has called me to be. To God be the glory!

Kathy Leong, BSN, RN, is a credentialed school nurse in California. She previously worked at Alta Bates Medical Center on an acute care med/surg floor. As a student nurse, Kathy helped start an NCF group on her campus. Later, she launched a nurse group as a co-leader. She says she is “passionate about nursing, as well as NCF.”

Channel your passion for nursing into building relationships with other nurses in your workplace or community. Like Kathy, you can disciple, mentor, and uphold other nurses and gain skill at integrating your faith with your nursing practice. Find an NCF Student Group or an NCF Professional Nurse Group.

Want more information about starting an NCF group? Email us: ncf@intervarsity.org



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