The Turnover Challenge

revolving doorMany hospitals face perennial challenges of managing staffing turnover. But imagine a more extreme case—that every two years, the entire workforce turns over. What does leadership look like? And how would you go about building any sustainable culture for the work environment?

This is the challenge that many NCF chapters face. Most nursing programs last only two years, so student chapters experience complete turnover every other year. As a result, one of the top priorities of all chapters is the rapid development of new leaders. If a given NCF class is unable to raise up a new leadership team, the chapter will likely dwindle significantly and eventually disappear.

The beginning of second semester is the most important time for raising up future leaders. Right now, student leaders and faculty advisors from across the country are busily identifying and training future NCF leaders. Whether they are using our Online Leadership Academy or other leadership development resources, they are investing in the next generation of student leaders. They are tackling this turnover challenge head-on!

And here’s the amazing part. Despite the odds against these chapters surviving, they almost always do! By God’s grace, he continues to raise up leaders year after year.

So will you take a minute to pray for our NCF student chapters? Pray that the Lord will raise up the right leaders to continue our NCF ministries across the U.S.!

— Timothy Lin NCF Student Ministries Director and Senior Area Director in Kansas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

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Hi, I would love to know how to access the Online Leadership Academy.
Thank you!
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