Testimonies of Transformation

Urbana 18 Healthcare LoungeInterVarsity’s triennial Urbana Missions Conference took place at the end of December. Nursing students and professionals visited, hung out, and made connections with NCF staff at the Healthcare Lounge. Many used this space to process what God was saying to them, to seek clarification with discernment questions, to receive prayer, and to dialogue with NCF staff and seminar speakers.

Bonnie Hann, NCF National Campus Staff Minister, shared responses of several nursing students who visited the Healthcare Lounge.

Remembering and Reflecting

“I was very overwhelmed by the amount of people and all the options, so the first few days were especially hard for me. I was, however, very encouraged because while there was not a lot I was "feeling" or hearing from God, I felt content and settled in knowing God had placed me in nursing and that he would see me through my career. There were times throughout the week that he reminded me of patients I have taken care of and I got to remember them and reflect on the joy of being with them in vulnerable times of life. It was a gift. I was also very encouraged by the "Healthcare Missions to the Rural Poor" seminar because it reminded me that there are many people right outside my door in America who need care and attention.”

--Celeste, Virginia

Finding a Place To Serve

“Urbana 18 introduced me to a really great mission organization, Joni and Friends. I have always felt that God has given me a heart for the community of people with varying abilities. I know that finding that organization was not by chance, but by God leading me there. I got lots of information from the booth and plan to follow up with them in the future about opportunities to serve with them.”

-- Katie, Florida

Known and Truly Loved

“It was the second evening of Urbana when God spoke to me with his truth though prayer ministry. I was led to an imaginative prayer to reflect on the first time I felt like a failure before God during nursing school. I thought of the moment when I felt so frustrated, alone, anxious, and guilty. However, right beside me, Jesus was there smiling warmly, saying ‘Mary, I still love you.’ With doubt, I asked him, ‘Jesus, how could you still love me?’ He replied, ‘Because you are mine… Because you are my daughter.’”

“That moment, everything shifted: my views about myself and my views about God. While I was frantically trying to become a plate useful for his missions, he was doing mission work in me. He wanted, first and foremost, to ground me deeply in the truth that I am his; my works, my religious practices, or even missions do not define who I am before Him.”

--Mary, Texas

God transformed lives at Urbana 18. Of the more than 10,000 students attending, 226 decided to follow Jesus for the first time and more than 6,000 committed to serving in global missions. At least 11 nursing students are excited about starting an NCF chapter on their various campuses. Pray for them as they take the next steps to reach out to their classmates for Christ.

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