Pray With Us

By prayer, community is created as well as expressed.

--Henri Nouwen


Why do we pray? The answers are many: Prayer sustains us and provides strength for the difficulties we face. It promotes relationship with God and with others as well. In prayer, we express our thanks to God or the blessings surrounding us. Prayer is also an opportunity to lament and bring all of our emotions to God. Yes, even emotions of anger, fear, disappointment, grief, confusion, and doubt. God invites all that we are to be present as we talk with him.

Prayer also creates space for us to listen and ask for God’s truth to be poured over us. It fosters vulnerability to open the places within our lives we have closed and walled off. Prayer creates change, provides protection, brings healing, delivers restoration, fosters forgiveness, and reminds each of us of our identity in God.

Prayer ushers in God’s kingdom and his purpose and will for our lives. The time we spend in prayer reminds us of the eternal hope we each possess and impacts generations to come.

Prayer is a vital part of the ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship. As we celebrate National Nurses Month, join us for a time of prayer and community.

NCF’s Night of Prayer
Sunday, May 21st from 6-7 pm Central

We’ll spend time in God’s Word, pray for the needs we face, and encourage each other. We’ll conclude with a special Blessing of the Hands--hands used to treat others and provide comfort and presence. Hands bearing witness to the joys, sorrows, and struggles of those in our care. Please register for this special time of community here.

As we continue to celebrate nurses this month, Nurses Christian Fellowship has created a unique set of Bible studies based on Hebrews 11. You can use these individually or join with other students, faculty, or nurses. If you’d like to be part of a group, contact us at We’d love the opportunity to connect you. 

An additional benefit for National Nurses Month is free access to the Journal of Christian Nursing for the entire month of May. Explore JCN’s latest edition on the history of nursing. Our feature articles examine the history of men in nursing, nursing ethics, and nursing education. You’ll discover why JCN is a top-selling journal as it explores research and provides insight into the ways we can connect our faith and practice.

Christy Secor DNP, RN, CDWF is the NCF Professional Ministries Director. She supports NCF’s professional nurse groups which provide safe places for encouragement and deeper connection with God and others.









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