Nurses Bless Nurses Down South

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, nurses in the new NCF group blessed their entire facility, Woman’s Hospital. “The blessing of the hands for Nurses Week actually was started by our unit’s holistic committee,” explained Liz Skipper, BSN, RN. “This year we got permission for our group to lead this day. Our hospital printed cards with a nurse’s prayer and we had tables set up at time clocks when people came in and out.”

“We also had a lunch table where we were able to tell about our new local NCF chapter and show off the Journal of Christian Nursing to many! We had a few nurses interested in joining NCF.”

A popular display that the group created featured a purple and gold board with topics such as patience, self control and kindness. Hospital staff were invited to take slips with Scripture verses related to each topic.  

"The best part of the day was when we had a few volunteers from local churches who walked with us to bless the hands and pray for our co-workers. We did not go just to nurses but all departments. Prayer was greatly received and some very important prayer needs came to us.”

“I could feel the Holy Spirit during this time leading us where to go and how to pray. As we went from place to place I kept saying to myself, ‘I cannot believe I am able to do this at my work!’ God has opened so many doors for us to be obedient and spread his love.”

Liz said the new group initially took hold when some co-workers were going through some major life events. She and two other nurses started having prayer meetings at work because “we felt God was wanting to continue to share his love with other nurses.” Liz said the group is hoping to meet quarterly to pray together and encourage one another.


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