It's All About the Connection!

Campuses are back in session. Some are holding classes in person, some are holding classes online, and some are doing both! For nursing students this year, their experiences are very different. They’re learning much of their coursework and even hands-on skills online and without the support of an in-person cohort. Now more than ever, it’s so important to have a supportive network around them to care for and encourage them. 

Student ministry is different this year too! Without the ability to gather on most campuses, we’re getting creative and “scrappy” as we reach new nursing students through Instagram and Facebook

Students can connect with us on social media--from there we plug them into existing NCF groups. If they don’t have a local group near them, we’re hosting a national gathering for them to be a part of a supportive community and learn what it would look like to plant an NCF group on their campus. This story of how some students got connected shows how it worked! 

“Brittany filled out a contact card through an ad on Instagram. From there, Jen forwarded her information to Emily and Sara, student leaders at Brittany’s campus. Emily and Sara were overjoyed that InterVarsity could help them make that connection and grow their NCF group. Brittany immediately got plugged into their online community and into a prayer group!” 

It’s all about making that connection right now! 

Do you know any nursing student who could benefit from being connected to a supportive online student group? Invite them to Operation IV September 10th, 17th, 24th, October 1st and 8th at 7 pm EST, 6pm CST, 5 pm MST, 4 pm PST. Here, students can be a part of a supportive community during their first few weeks of nursing school and explore how to start their own community on campus this fall. You can join us anytime. Click the link here to attend. Email with any questions! 



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