How Nursing’s Past Infuses Our Future

  • How were Christians, including a nurse who relates her firsthand account of patients, involved in initiating the hospice movement in the United States?
  • Why were men the predominant force in nursing’s beginnings?
  • Why were moral character and moral courage so much a factor in early nursing ethics?
  • Who instituted holistic care as a central pillar of nursing and nursing education in the profession’s infancy?

No, this isn’t a review session for auditions for the Jeopardy TV game show—it’s a sampling of the expansive range of content about the history of our profession that’s available for free this month in the Journal of Christian Nursing.

You’re invited to plunge into the whole of JCN: the articles, columns, news, and perspective pieces. It’s a rare opportunity to sample what this publication, the only peer-reviewed nursing journal that integrate faith with practice, offers.

The historical theme documents how nurses, many of who were followers of Jesus, fashioned the foundation for the profession we know today. Cool timelines and authentic photos plus first-person accounts populate this issue.

As you read through this issue, thank God for the courage and character of nurses who pioneered and paved the road we walk. And take the opportunity to join NCF so you can read every issue of JCN for personal and professional development.

P.S. If you haven’t already, download the free History of Faith in Nursing six-part Bible study and register for a one-hour online prayer gathering on May 21.



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