Heroes Wear Gowns

This poem arrived via the InterVarsity website recently, a tribute to nurses who are devoting themselves to the ministry of health and healing.




New Yorkers love the silhouette,

Inviting as you enter there.

The fluid drape and stately glow

In verde green known everywhere.


They've seen the gowns of taffeta,

Resplendent in the theater.

The elegance of opera stars

With octaves unimaginable.


They know the glamorous parade

Of gowns at New York Fashion Week.

In every style and every shade

From jewel tones to the softest pink.


And all of the exquisite gowns

Behind the glass at The Met.

Displayed for all the world to see,

A sight we will not soon forget.


But none of those more dazzling

Than hallways gowned in skies of blue!

Professionals from every state.

"We traveled to be here with you."


--Connie Jackson

Chattanooga, Tennessee


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