Affiliation with Nurses Christian Fellowship/InterVarsity connects a local chapter with the national movement. The affiliation process occurs annually and may be completed using this online affiliation form.

Benefits of affiliation with NCF/InterVarsity include:

  • Credibility: Campus administrators, faculty, and students look more favorably on a chapter that is affiliated with a reputable national organization.
  • Connection: Be part of an active network of NCF chapters around the country for mutual support and encouragement.
  • Coaching: Student leaders and faculty advisors receive complimentary coaching and guidance from NCF and/or local InterVarsity campus staff.
  • Materials: Access to NCF affiliate-only materials.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities for attendance at gatherings such as NCF regional/national conferences and the Urbana missions conference.
  • Branding: Opportunity to use the NCF/InterVarsity logo or a school-specific, NCF-designed logo.

NCF/InterVarsity Chapters in good standing:

  • Annually submit the affiliation form. Complete this online form with your student leadership team. The form will request student leaders’ affirmation of the purpose and doctrinal basis of NCF/InterVarsity. 
  • Complete chapter online check-in questionnaire twice a year (late fall, late spring). This will enable NCF to gather the data we need to serve our chapters better.
  • Annually submit NCF Roster with names and e-mails of members and leaders. NCF will add these e-mails to our Campus Vitals e-newsletter.
  • Are a registered student organization on campus*. If this is the first time a chapter has affiliated with NCF, they will need to 1) submit their constitution to NCF for review and 2) show proof of recognized student organization status on their campus. To prevent unneeded revisions, chapters are strongly encouraged to use NCF’s constitution template as they apply for student organization status.

* NCF generally does not affiliate chapters that are not recognized as student organizations on campus. Becoming a registered student organization is typically not a difficult process and provides extensive benefits such as the ability to reserve rooms and request funding from Student Senate. NCF can advise you on how to proceed with applying for student organization status, as well as provide you with an approved constitution template to aid you in the process.