Skip McDonald

Skip McDonald, R.N. BSN, ThB, has been on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff for 27 years.  Skip serves in the southeast as a Regional Resource Specialist focusing on mental health, spiritual formation, Bible study and Nurses Christian Fellowship.  

Skip has been a Registered Nurse for 43 years.  She has a strong desire to help others obtain and maintain mental and emotional health.  She worked extensively as a mental health nurse.  She is also a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, conducting classes to help train others as first responders in mental health.

Skip’s writing includes , “The Garden of My Heart,” “And She Lived Happily Ever After,” “Christ my Life:  The Great Exchange,” “God’s Word and Mental Health Bible study,” “Daddy’s Girl:  Abba and Me,” “Blessings in the Shadows,” and “Anxiety” (LifeGuide Bible study by InterVarsity Press).

Skip is the Founder of Freedomsize Worship Fitness, LLC.   This form of worship incorporates worship music and movement to the glory of God.  Freedomsize flows out of a deep desire embedded in her heart for many years.  She also seeks to lead a healthy lifestyle, encouraging others to do the same.

She has also founded Integrative Grace, LLC, a discipleship ministry.  This ministry helps others grow in grace and intimacy with Jesus Christ.  Skip does this through one-one meetings, seminars and through her writings.

Skip enjoys reading, worship fitness and writing.  She resides in Smyrna, GA.

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