Learning to Trust God

Norman Bisda is a student leader of the NCF chapter at the University of Central Florida. “As a group, we learn how important it is to have a relationship with God on a daily basis, how to strengthen and train each other, and how to spread the Word of God to everyone,” Norman said. Nursing was not Norman’s first choice of a major. But he ambitiously fought his way into the nursing program and loves being a part of the NCF group at UCF. Here is his story.

rocky pathWhy Nursing?

When I first considered a nursing major, I was halfway through an Architecture degree, with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. I saw how God used nurses to serve him and expand his kingdom, and I wanted to change majors. When I applied in the nursing program at UCF, it was a great test of faith. My chances were slim. When the Letters of Acceptance were sent to applicants, I did not receive one.

I was placed on a waiting list, and then it closed. The program was full. My heart was crushed, and my prayers were shaken a bit, but I never stopped trusting God. I was persistent. Then I was told that the board decided to squeeze me in as an extra student. They saw how much I really wanted to get in. God tested me. Faith and prayer really pay off. Glory be all to God; praise the Lord!

Spiritual Growth

Ever since I started college, I learned how to trust God even more. I faced many challenges and I knew God was my immediate help and peace. I became more aware of how my generation struggles on different stages: physical, mental, emotional, and mainly spiritual. Many students say they chose to become nurses because they passionately want to help; however, I found that spirituality is pushed aside frequently—even in the Maslow’s hierarchy, spiritual care is at the last stage of the pyramid. My faith grew when I started to understand why they act the way they do.

Excited about Campus Ministry

NCF at UCF is still new. It started with the help of Danny Chen, InterVarsity campus staff. We share our vision and goals and it is exciting how many students are becoming involved. Many become leaders of our weekly Bible studies. Our faculty is beginning to participate and support our NCF chapter. We have guest speakers of alumni and practicing nurses. We plan volunteer opportunities. Most importantly, UCF-NCF is providing training opportunities to the upcoming students, making more disciples, and constantly trying to share the Gospel in our campus and community. These are all exciting works of the Lord.

Joys and Challenges of Leadership 

Time is the biggest challenge for NCF ministry. Many students are busy and won’t squeeze another thing onto their plate. My leader team made sure we picked the best time for our meetings, knowing each class has different schedules. Training the junior leaders is challenging but we need new leaders for next year to carry on the NCF torch so we don’t die out.

Sharing our own stories and reaching out to our classmates and patients are at the core of our enjoyment. We build each other up in times of struggles with school or personal issues. I love how my classmates engage themselves in fulfilling our goals. As a group, we learn how important it is to have a relationship with God on a daily basis, how to strengthen and train each other, and how to spread the Word of God to everyone.

UCF has been making competent, great nurses for many years; our vision is that UCF will be making more Christian nurses in the future with the help of NCF ministry.

Norman BisdaNorman Bisda is a senior nursing student and NCF leader at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He is originally from the Philippines and came to the USA ten years ago. He likes painting, drawing, singing and songwriting. He loves Bible stories and endless praise and worship sessions.