Kick-Starting NCF Ministry

soccerNCF leader Bethany Kubias watched with joy as her NCF group grew from a handful of nursing students to more than 60 in the chapter at Malone University in Canton, Ohio. “NCF ministry excites me because of the endless ways God can work through us,” Bethany said. “Our NCF group has commuters, traditional and nontraditional nursing students. We see genuine community forming among students from all levels and backgrounds.”

Why Nursing?

Growing up, I wanted to be a professional soccer player, but this was not an attainable career. I chose to major in nursing because I was good at science and had a strong stomach. With each clinical experience, my desire grew. I began to see nursing not only as a career, but a calling. Nursing allows me to be a teacher and a caregiver for people of all ages and backgrounds. As a nurse I can not only care for my patient’s physical needs, but also for their emotional and spiritual needs. It’s a humbling and challenging career choice but, to me, it is ministry and I can’t picture myself doing anything else.

Spiritual Growth in College

My faith has grown deeper these past four years. God has used a community of friends, fellow nursing students and instructors to challenge me, support me, and point me towards Christ. The greatest growth in my faith occurred while at an InterVarsity summer camp, Cedar Campus. It was there I wrestled with God about my doubts, my fears, my sorrows and my purpose as a nurse. It was there that I attended InterVarsity’s Leadership Institute. This training event challenged me to step up as a leader and sparked the desire to have a nursing small group at Malone. My faith continues to grow each week with the challenges of leadership in NCF. God continues to amaze me by providing resources and speakers, down to the smallest detail.

Excited about Campus Ministry

Campus ministry excites me because of the endless possibilities and ways God can work through me and other students. College is a time where people are trying to discover who they are and where they fit into the world. Everyone is looking for something, so why not introduce them to a loving and gracious God who wants to have a personal relationship with them?

Joys and Challenges of Leadership

It is challenging to balance school, work, clinicals, and NCF leadership. I try not to let the stress of nursing school consume me. I try to find joy in the little things. I find joy when I see a patient smile. I find joy in seeing other nursing students learn from and encourage each other. The greatest joy has been to see the vision the Lord has put on my heart for a nursing small group come to fruition.

NCF met last fall as a small group of 6-18 students that gathered every other Monday morning and one Wednesday evening each month. Malone is a Christian university that requires chapel credits. Students approached me about applying to get chapel credits for NCF. I was nervous about this new commitment to meet every Monday morning, but I saw an opportunity to reach even more nursing students. I applied and NCF was accepted.

Now our group has grown to an average of 60 students each week! We have commuters, traditional and nontraditional nursing students. We see genuine community forming among students from all levels and backgrounds.

I love seeing God working and transforming my heart these past four years. Never in a million years did I picture myself leading an NCF group. Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I am excited to see how the chapter will grow this fall and where the Lord leads me next after graduation.

bethanykubiasBethany Kubias was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. She is a senior at Malone University in Canton Ohio. Bethany loves children and hopes to become a pediatric nurse. She also wants to continue in ministry with nursing students as an NCF staff volunteer.