Campus Recognition

Campus recognition and chapter affiliation go hand in hand.

Campus recognition means you are a recognized organization on your campus. Affiliation means you are recognized as a chapter of the national organization of Nurses Christian Fellowship/InterVarsity. NCF is a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Why seek campus recognition?

Many campuses require student groups to be recognized in order to be able to meet on campus, reserve rooms, and advertise meetings. Sometimes student organizations benefit from an allotment of student activities fees to offset minor costs.

Find out more about why and how to affiliate your campus group.

  • Why Affiliate?
    Find out more about the benefits of affiliation and some important things you need to know before pursuing campus recognition.

  • How to Become an Affiliated NCF Chapter
    Whether your group is just getting started or ready to get established as a chapter, you’ll want to know the next steps in the affiliation process.

  • Renewing Your Affiliation
    Chapters must renew their affiliation annually with the signatures of new leaders to be officially recognized by NCF.