Why Affiliate?

Affiliation with Nurses Christian Fellowship/InterVarsity begins with recognizing that the purpose and beliefs of a campus fellowship are aligned with the purpose and doctrinal basis of NCF/InterVarsity. It also informs the school, students, educators, parents, church leaders, nurses and friends of the chapter’s values:

  • Studying and applying biblical principles to the personal and professional life of members
  • Being a welcoming, witnessing community to students and faculty
  • Promoting a biblical, Christian perspective in professional nursing

Benefits of affiliation with NCF/InterVarsity also include:

  • Student leaders and faculty advisors receive coaching and guidance from NCF staff, the Campus Vitals e-newsletter, and InterVarsity resources for campus ministry.
  • Students learn about opportunities to be involved in InterVarsity and NCF on campus, in the region, and in national events and conferences.
  • Credibility:  Campus administrators, faculty, and students look more favorably on a chapter that is affiliated with a reputable national organization.
  • Permission to use the  NCF/InterVarsity logo or a school-specific, NCF-designed logo.

Expectations of NCF Chapters

  • Student leaders and faculty advisors agree with the purpose and doctrinal basis of NCF/InterVarsity.
  • Keep your chapter constitution and affiliation updated annually.
  • Be in contact with the NCF national office at least twice a year by responding to a short online survey each fall and spring.

Questions? Contact NCF.