How to Affiliate

Every campus has unique requirements to become a recognized  organization or club and generally requires a constitution to be submitted. Please check with your student activities office to find out if there are other expectations.

Whether your group is just getting started or ready to get established as an NCF chapter, you’ll want to know the next steps in the affiliation process.

Just Getting Started

If you are interested in affiliating with NCF but are just starting to organize a chapter, please complete the “affiliation-in process” application to show that you are in agreement with the purpose and doctrinal basis of NCF/InterVarsity.

Enter your school’s name and complete sections 1-4. Send the completed application as an email attachment to the NCF office where the remaining sections (5-6) will be completed.

Establishing your Chapter with a Constitution

If you are meeting on campus, it is expected that you follow the school’s guidelines. Most campuses require a club/organization to provide a constitution. NCF/InterVarsity has a constitution template that you MUST use. Please do not write your own constitution.

Using InterVarsity’s constitution template will ensure that the chapter’s purpose and beliefs are consistent with those of NCF/InterVarsity, and that the constitution will meet the affiliation requirements of NCF/InterVarsity.

The following sections of the InterVarsity sample chapter constitution MUST be used and cannot be changed:

  • the chapter Purpose
  • the Doctrinal Basis
  • the requirements for leaders. All student leaders must:
    • believe in Jesus Christ
    • agree with InterVarsity’s purpose and doctrinal basis
    • live according to biblical standards
If the campus group wants to alter other sections of the constitution, leaders should contact NCF before submitting the constitution to your student organizations office.

If the school does NOT accept the NCF-approved constitution, or requests changes, contact NCF immediately for assistance.

Completing the affiliation process

Once you submit your constitution and receive approval back from your school, you must send these completed documents to the NCF office:

Send the above via email to the NCF office, or mail them to:

NCF Chapter Affiliation
P.O. Box 7895
Madison, WI  53707-7895

When you complete the process of affiliation, you will receive a confirmation of your chapter affiliation from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. To keep your group's affiliation active, new leaders will need to sign a copy of the Affiliation Application on an annual basis.

Questions? Contact NCF.