Nurses and nursing students gather for much-needed rest, reflection and refreshing connection.

CBHD conference explores biomedical ethics from a Christian worldview.

A student leader describes how God started an NCF group in her nursing school.

Nurses care for others with compassion but we often don't take care of ourselves.

Renew your hope in Christ and connect with other nurses by attending the NCFI conference in July 2018.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Nurses Christian Fellowship and decades of God’s faithfulness.

Rejoice with us in how God’s love, grace and truth is spreading to others in nursing.

Last semester, 48 nursing students made decisions to follow Jesus through NCF ministry. Here are more exciting highlights from chapters across the country.

When we hope in God, we look upward and focus on the future with an eager anticipation of what God can and will do.

Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this month, came to live with us. Real people saw God with their eyes, touched him, and listened directly to the Word of God. What a powerful experience!