382016haitiCassandra and Vanessa are two very special nurses who serve NCF-Haiti as president and vice president. I met them last year and they are passionate about equipping Christian nurses in Haiti to follow Jesus in life and in nursing. Both have played an active role in the leadership of NCF-Haiti which began in 2014.

4152016blessinghandsNational Nurses Week provides abundant opportunities for Christian nurses to express God’s love and grace to peers and co-workers. This year’s theme is A Culture of Safety Starts with You.

472016janeMany parents give names to their children that are unique, or “old-fashioned,” or quite common, like my name (Jane) that appeared along with Dick and Spot in my first reading book!  But behind every name is a person who is significant.

412016sunriseThe Bible tells us, “Rejoice in the Lord, always. I say it again, rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). The definition for rejoice is to be glad, joyful, or to celebrate. Do we celebrate the works of God in nursing?

3212016roosterDuring the Last Supper, Jesus warned Peter that he would be sifted by Satan and deny him three times (Luke 22:31-34). As the evening continues, Peter repeatedly denies Christ. His denial is not quiet, but vocal and wholehearted. After the third denial, Peter hears the rooster crow—and his heart breaks.

3172016tshirtDuring my nearly 44 years in nursing, I have often reflected on how fortunate I was to have forward-looking nursing faculty who taught us the value of holistic care for individuals, families and communities.

3112016mnstudentsNCF nurses and nursing students in Minnesota can’t ignore the reality that an estimated 8,000 - 12,000 women and children are being sold for sexual services—and the number is growing each day. As followers of Jesus in nursing, how do we respond to this serious health issue with compassion and justice?

3152016prayAs a beginning nursing student, I wanted to know exactly how to perform nursing skills and exactly what to say to patients and to other members of the healthcare team. I was surprised to learn that, in most cases, it was far better for me to first learn why I needed to do or say certain things. First, I needed to know the primary principles to employ to give excellent nursing care.

382016sdsuKirsten Sakata was nervous about starting a Bible discussion in her nursing school, but got excited when five people came to the first meeting a few weeks ago.

How to help our NCF friends in Haiti