Recruitment Best Practices

NCF posterTry these ideas for meeting other students, sharing the vision of your group, and inviting them to get involved in your NCF community.

  • Take part in student welcome events.
  • Host a table at organization fairs.
  • Visibly promote your NCF chapter using a table top display.
    • NCF has two display options: one is solid and one has a white space to write in additional information. Download the design. A local copy shop can print it on corrugated plastic or foam board with an easel back (18” x 24” is a good size). You can also order through an online vendor.
  • Set up a display table outside of a major class or stand near the door and hand out bookmarks/slips with meeting information. Consider handing out a treat with the flier.
  • Ask permission from professors for a student to make an announcement at the end of class.
  • Try an all-student e-mail broadcast (some schools allow officially recognized student orgs to do this once a school year).
  • Send an e-mail through a pre-nursing advisor to all pre-nursing students.
  • Use social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Put up posters on bulletin boards in areas where students study.
  • Ask the school admissions counselors if NCF students can talk to new students during orientation days.
  • Hold an interest meeting where NCF is explained, questions are answered, and planning takes place for events, Bible studies and service projects.
  • Advertise NCF at SNA meetings (make sure that students know the two organizations are not competing against one another).
  • Get on the agenda for convocation.
  • And the #1 way to grow your group… Personal invitations and word of mouth!

Best Practices for Recruitment and Outreach:

  • Follow the school guidelines for advertising (for posters locations and removal procedures).
  • Ask permission when needed (some students will go to the Dean to explain what NCF is and get permission from the top level which is not always necessary, but often you do need to be an officially recognized campus organization).
  • Follow up is vitally important.  Send an e-mail or a text within 24-48 hours after a student signs up to welcome them to NCF.

“What is NCF?”

Make sure core students in your group can give a concise response to the question “What is NCF?” For example:

  • Nurses Christian Fellowship is a community of nursing students who follow Jesus and invite others into a deeper relationship with him.
  • We know that nursing students are unique, from the stresses of intense classes to caring for real people in clinical rotations.  As a result, NCF aims to provide supportive communities to study the Bible, explore how to follow Jesus in life and nursing, and to offer the love of Jesus to classmates and faculty.
  • NCF is more than a club, support group, or service project.  We want nursing students to be actively engaged in following Jesus and being part of his mission on campus.  We want to see God transform their lives and the lives of others around them.

By intentionally reaching out to others, you can grow your NCF group—and grow your faith in what God is doing through you!

[download PDF "Recruitment Best Practices"]