Joy in Serving God

PriscillaPriscilla Yeboah was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the United States when she was 11 years old. She loves nursing and has a desire to serve as a missionary nurse. For Priscilla, nursing is a calling and a career. Every day that she is with patients, she learns about being Christ’s servant.

Why Nursing?

I’ve wanted to be a nurse since the age of eight. My aunt had a brain injury that went unnoticed and untreated until it was too late. The doctors told my grandmother there was nothing they could do and my aunt should be sent to the mental clinic. After seeing the condition of patients there, my grandmother decided to care for my aunt at home. Watching my grandmother care for my aunt created a desire in me and now I want to care for others as a nurse. Other experiences in my childhood strengthened this desire.

In high school, I debated between going to nursing school or teaching school. I found a letter from one of my friends in Ghana who reminded me that I always said I was going to be a nurse. After reading that letter, the desire that I had at the age of eight came to life again.

Spiritual Growth in College

College experience is really a defining time for many young people. My faith was challenged when I met people who either didn’t have faith or didn’t practice their faith. I was faced with evaluating what and why I believed. My faith grew through the experiences I had in college. I thank God for InterVarsity and NCF because it was another opportunity for God to increase my faith and ground me deeper in his Word.

Excited about Campus Ministry

College tests the faith of many young people who come in contact with people of many beliefs. Sadly, some people lose faith during their college years. I believe that college can be time where young people without faith can discover faith and where those with faith can increase in their faith. This thought is what excites me about campus ministry. Through this ministry, many of our future leaders can find the joy that comes with serving Christ.

Joys and Challenges of Leadership

As a nursing student, I am always challenged with time management. There are times when I feel that studying for a Med-Surg test would be more beneficial than going to Bible study. When I started leading the Bible study, I faced these same challenges. However, I’ve been blessed with making the sacrifice to be at Bible study and preparing for it. I realized that my faith is what gave me the strength to take the test. I also realized with joy that God is in control of my grades. Anytime I made these sacrifices, God never failed to help me on my test.

The joy I’ve learned is that serving God is never really a sacrifice; it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. We must learn to see it.

A recent graduate, Priscilla Yeboah was a nursing student and NCF leader at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC.