Spring 2015

Vital Signs

Vital Signs featues National Nurses Week resources for you to use with your nurse group, information on NCF International, and a new NCF chapter’s creative meeting ideas. We trust you will find encouragement and ideas that you can use in these articles.


National Nurses WeekPlan for National Nurses Week 

National Nurses Week is a great time to have an outreach event. Whether you have a special speaker, a fun celebration of your role as nurses, or host a theme-based Bible discussion, this is the time to invite co-workers or nurse friends to check out your NCF group.

NCF has prepared resources and ideas to get you started: 

  • Materials: includes suggestions for planning an event, a themed Bible study, and a bulletin insert
  • Resources: includes detailed resources for planning an event
  • Prayer Guide: resources for leading your group in prayer


NCFINurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI)


Did you know that you are part of NCF International (NCFI)?  NCF/USA is a member country of NCFI, and we are in the Caribbean and North America (CANA) NCFI region. NCFI seeks to connect Christian nurses (and students) around the world, equipping them to live out their faith in professional practice.  NCF/USA nurses are serving in NCFI as leaders, scholars, and teachers. Carrie Dameron, nurse educator and JCN author in California, publishes an encouraging blog for NCFI. See Carrie's blog postsExploring these posts with your group will help to give your nurses a global perspective of nursing.


What does every nurse need?  Stressbusters!

Does this NCF group look like it is having fun?  A year ago, Monica Orozco-Cantillo, R.N., had a big vision for the new NCF group of nurses in South Florida.

Through her church she has planned 3 Stressbuster events focusing on Christ-centered nursing care, celebrating the nursing role, and  forgiveness. Learn more about the South Florida NCF chapter and their Stressbuster events. Be creative in planning your group events!


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