Membership in Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA


Join the NCF network of Christian nurses and students who are dedicated to living out God’s purposes in their lives, professionally and personally.

When you join NCF, you become part of a professional organization that invests in your personal growth as a Christian nurse and promotes the growth of a Christian influence in nursing.

With your membership, you will receive the Journal of Christian Nursing and significant CE discounts from JCN and other nursing journals, and more.

Join today! Be a part of God’s work in the changing world of healthcare.

Why should you join?

Take advantage of the many benefits of NCF Membership:

  • Links you with other Christian nurses and nursing students.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to Christian faith and professional nursing on your resume.
  • Provides you with practical, timely, professional insights from a Christian perspective through the Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN), NCF communications, and events.
  • Charting the Way member newsletter gives you exclusive NCF, nursing, and spiritual care updates.
  • Empowers you to be a creative Christian influence at this critical time in nursing.
  • Makes you a partner with NCF to be a life-giving influence to students, nurses, the nursing profession and healthcare.
  • Gives you access to:
    • All JCN online archives and back issues from 1984, Topical Collections, Online-Only content, and Publish-Ahead-of-Print.
    • 30% Discount on all JCN Continuing Education (over 50 modules, 125+ contact hours!).
    • 25% Discount on all Continuing Education from more than 40 other nursing journals from Lippincott (over 1500 CE activities).
    • 30% Discount from InterVarsity Press, a leading Christian publisher for over 70 years.
    • 20% Discount on Special Collection of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Books for students, nurses and educators.

What is the cost?

The annual membership fee (USA only) is:

  • $79   Practicing Nurses (with print and online JCN)
  • $59   Retirees
  • $35   Full-time pre-licensure Nursing Students (with print and online JCN)
  • $25   Full-time pre-licensure Nursing Students (with JCN online-only)

NCF Purpose and Doctrinal Basis

NCF membership is open to nurses and nursing students in the U.S. who affirm the Purpose and Doctrinal Basis of InterVarsity/NCF.


Join NCF today! Be Transformed, Transform Nursing.

If you don’t know whether to join NCF or just subscribe to JCN, compare the costs and benefits:

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