Nurses who work 12-hour shifts can benefit from these 10 tips for safe practice.

NCF International offers global connections, spiritual enrichment, and encouragement for nurses and students around the world.

Mary Thompson invites busy nursing students to have an "everyday conversation" with God.

Two NCF summer conferences will bring together Christian nurses, nursing students and educators for personal inspiration, professional development and networking.

NCF celebrates the legacy of godly nurses like Mary Kay Sauder who was a devoted partner in spreading the gospel in nursing.

Nurses and nursing students gather for much-needed rest, reflection and refreshing connection.

CBHD conference explores biomedical ethics from a Christian worldview.

A student leader describes how God started an NCF group in her nursing school.

Nurses care for others with compassion but we often don't take care of ourselves.

Renew your hope in Christ and connect with other nurses by attending the NCFI conference in July 2018.