InterVarsity Staff Ministry to Nursing Students

NCF at SC14As InterVarsity staff, you have unique opportunities to equip and train nursing students to follow Jesus in nursing.

“InterVarsity has been the biggest part of my college career. It’s where I met some very dear friends, grew into a leader (which I NEVER thought I was!), and got into a relationship with the Lord that has changed my life. My life is for Jesus now, and God worked so powerfully through the ministry of InterVarsity to do that.
--Megan, senior nursing major

Here are tips, strategies and resources to help you reach and influence other nursing students like Megan.

Start NCF

Here is your step-by-step guide for planting an NCF group for nursing students and educators on your campus.

Start NCF Staff Coaching Guide

This companion guide to the Start NCF guide is intended for staff who are coaching a new NCF group.

Opportunities for Ministry with Nursing Students

Nursing students have easy on-ramps to ministry through authentic communities, opportunities for evangelism, and natural spiritual conversations.

Equip nursing students and nurse educators to make a difference for Jesus in their academic and professional world. Use these contextualized growth strategies to reach more nursing students through NSO, follow up, and planting small groups. Learn more about Reaching the Corners through InterVarsity's chapter growth strategy (staff login required).

Nursing School: a Cross-Cultural Experience

Before embarking on ministry with nursing students, there are some things you need to know about the unique culture of nursing school and the students there.

NCF Nursing Students: Invited to Care from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

Love Changes Everything

NCF is preparing today's students to be tomorrow's nurses. This feature article from InterVarsity reminds us how nurses who follow Jesus are world-changers—wherever they are.

Bible Studies, Resources, and Ministry Tips

How can your nursing students encounter Jesus? Check out these easy-to-use contextualized resources.

Models of Ministry

Try any of these three ministry models for engaging nursing students in an InterVarsity or NCF chapter.

“What I Learned about Nursing Student Ministry”

InterVarsity staff respond to questions about the joys and challenges of working with nursing students on their campuses. Learn from their experiences.

Faculty Ministry

As you look around your campus for Christian faculty, check out the nursing school! Christians have been leaders in healthcare education for centuries. Like other faculty, they appreciate an encouraging word and supportive partnerships. Here are personal, spiritual and academic resources for nurse educators.

Journal of Christian Nursing

The Journal of Christian Nursing is a quarterly periodical, published by InterVarsity, that provides a broad range of clinical, ethical and professional nursing topics — all from a biblical perspective. Learn more about how to promote and use this valuable resource on campus with nursing students and faculty. InterVarsity staff can receive a significant discount on JCN with the purchase of an NCF membership.

Next Steps

Let’s connect! Please complete this brief questionnaire and let us know about your interest in ministry with nursing students. Sign up for Campus Vitals, a newsletter for nursing student leaders, faculty advisors and staff.