2016-2017 Issue #5

Coaching for NCF Leaders

BonnieI am so excited to re-engage with you after my sabbatical this winter! My sabbatical was a great time of spiritual renewal and direction, as well as an opportunity for concentrated training in coaching NCF chapter leaders.

You may be learning about coaching in nursing using the terminology of “motivational interviewing” or “teaching self-care” as you work with patients to promote healthy lifestyles or help them manage acute or chronic conditions. For example, you may coach a patient through the process of drawing up insulin in preparation for a shot.

The coaching I’m learning is designed to help me be more effective in helping you as a chapter leader. Our goal is for you to be successful in ministry among nursing students on your campus. We want to come alongside you to dream, plan, problem-solve, or answer questions. 

Let’s connect! NCF staff will host an individualized coaching call with you or your leadership team for 15 to 30 minutes. Email NCF to set this up and let us know any specific questions you may have.

--Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison

Transitioning Leadership

Transitioning LeadershipSenior leaders: Now is the time to make sure there are student leaders to take on your role in the chapter next year.

♦ Pray for God to draw students to leadership roles that serve your chapter.
♦ Meet with students who have leadership potential. Encourage them to consider a leadership role.
♦ Hold an interest meeting for potential leaders to ask questions. Describe the different roles needed and the requirements for leaders. All student leaders must:

♦ Have them "shadow" a student leader, attend core leader meetings and give input on decisions.

Watch Your Inbox

Watch your InboxIn a few weeks you will receive the NCF annual questionnaire, so please watch for this email and complete the short survey promptly. It is similar to the survey you completed last fall, but a few questions will be different. We especially need to know who the leaders may be for next year. Thank you for this annual snapshot of your chapter!

Refresh your Chapter

Refresh your ChapterKeep the vision of your chapter alive with a new resource, Start NCF. You’ll find easy tips for leading meetings, engaging in God’s Word, and building a missional community together. Even if your chapter has been established for years, these ideas can provide inspiration for leading your chapter.