New Student Outreach

Did you know that people are most open to joining new organizations like NCF during the first few weeks of school? We call this time New Student Outreach (NSO), and this is a page full of training and resources to help you welcome and invite students to NCF!

NSO Training Resources

  • Watch this 3-minute video about "How to Invite to NCF" by NCF Student Ministries Director Tim Lin.

  • What does the Bible say about invitation? Use this 15-minute Bible study with your leadership team to prepare for NSO!
  • Want some additional help? Contact us to request a free coaching call! We'd love to pray with you and help you plan your NSO!
  • More resources coming soon!

Recruitment and Publicity Resources

  • NSO PacketLooking for ideas on how to get the word out? Check out this list of recruitment ideas!
  • Looking for posters, postcards, and other materials? Here is our current resource catalog, with clickable links to the resources you want!
  • Want to know how to set up a recruitment table? Here is a simple guide on how to do so.
  • Want to use our logo as part of your publicity? Here is our official logo usage policy.
  • Did you get an NSO packet? We are mailing out a packet of NSO resources for NCF chapters this fall (pictured on right)! If your chapter would like one, please contact us to request one!