New Student Outreach

Take advantage of opportunities to welcome new students into your NCF community.

Activities Fair

Check with the student activities office to find out how to be a part of your school's student organization fair.

  • Plan for the supplies you may need, such as a table, treats and a sign-up sheet (or have people type their information directly into an excel file). Check the NCF logo policy if you plan to use the NCF logo.
  • Visibly promote your NCF chapter using a table top display. NCF has two display options: one is solid (as shown) and one has a white space to write in additional information. Download the design. A local copy shop can print it on corrugated plastic or foam board with an easel back (18” x 24” is a good size). You can also order through an online vendor.
  • Download, personalize and print materials from NCF Resources for Campus Outreach:
  • Be creative in your approach. Ask a question to strike up a conversation, such as, "What is drawing you to nursing?"
  • Have 1-3 students at the table to talk with interested students and answer questions. Wear scrubs or a stethoscope to attract the attention of nursing students.

NSO IdeasIdeas for Follow-up

After your event, follow up three times so your new contacts know you care about them. You can send an email out right after the fair, sharing details of when and where you'll meet next and what you'll do. Divide up the contacts you've made between your leadership team and call or text each person. See if they want to meet for coffee to talk about their questions or concerns about nursing school. Give a personal invitation to your upcoming meetings, letting them know they will be welcome.

Have a party or overnight retreat to bond more deeply. Plan light icebreakers, but then have some more specific questions to get to know one another better. The upperclass students can share tips and lessons they've learned to help the newer students.

Get new students involved and connected from the beginning. Make a list of the tasks or roles in the group. If there is a current need that someone is excited about filling, plug them in. If a new member is interested in a role that is already filled, partner together with the experienced student for training.

  • Brainstorm ways to reach out to your classmates to meet their spiritual needs.
  • If you’re hosting a Bible study, determine what you’ll study. Check out NCF Bible studies. Find a consistent time and place to meet.
  • Hold an interest meeting to help others learn more about NCF before making a commitment.
  • Plan a fun event for early fall so people can invite friends and develop community.
  • Invite nurses as speakers to share how they integrate their faith with their nursing practice.

More ideas for developing a vision, planning out the year, and reaching students can be found on the Resources for Leaders pages.