What Do NCF Groups Do?

There is flexibility in what NCF groups do, but these are some of the core functions that define nurse ministry.


  • for each other
  • for patients
  • for co-workers and administrators
  • for nursing and nursing leaders

Apply God’s Word to Nursing

  • Use the Bible as a basis for discussion on nursing issues, spiritual care and ethical concerns.
  • Read God’s Word for wisdom, guidance, encouragement and personal growth.
  • Discuss Christian books and Journal of Christian Nursing articles. 

Receive and Give Encouragement

  • Share experiences, concerns and joys.
  • Learn together how to integrate Christian faith into nursing practice.
  • Develop leadership qualities and skills to influence nursing positively.

Reach out

  • Demonstrate Christ’s compassion, justice and righteousness.
  • Share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that others will understand Christ’s relevancy to people and issues in nursing.
  • Mentor students and nurses.
  • Develop leadership qualities and skills in Christian nurses who will communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in nursing – locally, nationally and internationally.

Note: We believe that NCF groups do not take the place of involvement in a local church where nurses are nurtured in faith among others in the Body of Christ.