Steps to Start Nurse Ministry

 These steps will help guide you as you begin to organize an NCF group.

  • Pray, and ask others to pray for the development of a group.

  • Identify several goals for the group based on guidance the Lord gives you.

  • Contact several other nurses who might be interested in helping to start the group.

  • Invite them to a gathering at your home or workplace.

  • Share your vision and NCF resources with them.

  • Ask for their ideas and suggestions and discuss starting a group.

  • Choose a leader or co-leaders.

  • Choose a date, time and place for your first get-together. The time of day and frequency of meetings depend on the schedules of those who are interested. Monthly meetings provide continuity, though prayer partners/groups may meet more often. NCF groups meet in homes, churches, hospitals/agencies, classrooms, cafeterias or chapels - any place nurses can come together.

  • Plan the format for your time together.

  • Choose materials for group meetings – see Resources for NCF Groups.

  • Publicize meetings using fliers; email announcements, personal invitations…

  • Notify NCF that a new group is starting so we can provide mentoring and encouragement. we can also publicize your first meeting with other NCF nurses in your area.